Our Guarantee

(and why we don’t accept returns of living plants)


  • All plant purchases are final.  We do not accept plant returns.

  • Potting soil, amendments, pottery, and other hard goods may be returned in unused condition with a receipt.

  • We guarantee that our plants are healthy, disease-free, and of top quality at the time of purchase. We cannot be held responsible for conditions affecting the health of your plants once they have left our care at the nursery.


Plants are our passion.  The planting of plants, the caring for plants, and the longevity of plants in the landscape.  We do our utmost to ensure that all the plants sold at the G*H retail nursery and through our landscape department are healthy and vigorous.  We are also careful to provide accurate, zone-specific information about the plants we entrust to you so that you are armed with the knowledge necessary to make informed purchasing decisions and to provide your new plants with the best life possible.

The chain of custody from grower to nursery is extremely important to the overall health of our plants, and once they leave the nursery and that chain is broken, we can no longer guarantee that the plants have been receiving expert care.  You wouldn’t want to purchase a plant that had gone home with someone else, spent a hot afternoon in the trunk of their car, gotten plunked down among plants infested with scale, been peed on by a neighbor’s dog, and then gotten returned a few days later.  And the way that we ensure that won’t happen is by insisting that all plant purchases are final. Please read that again: We do not accept plant returns.  Soil amendments, pottery, and other hard goods may be returned in unused condition with receipt.

Should your plants exhibit a problem that you believe originated at G*H, please bring it to our attention.  If it turns out that the problem was G*H-related we will cheerfully discuss replacing the plants or offering store credit.  

Plant problems resulting from bad weather, pet damage, being left in a hot car, neglect, insects or disease, under- or over-watering, or unsuitable conditions are all part of the learning process for every gardener and remain the customer’s responsibility.  Since we’re gardeners, too, and constantly seeking to expand our shared wealth of knowledge, we welcome feedback from customers about the performance of our plants.  We encourage our customers to proactively reach out to us at the first sign of trouble so that we have the opportunity to teach you how to identify and avert plant problems before they become terminal.