Garden Coaching

Cost: $125*  ($45 for each additional half hour; a fuel surcharge may be added for locations outside 10 miles from the nursery)

Mission: A garden coaching session is the opportunity to have a member of our staff come to your garden to help troubleshoot challenges; identify unknown plants; assess light and drainage conditions; review the basics of proper planting, mulching, and watering techniques; and make verbal recommendations about ways to improve the overall health and vigor of your garden. 

It’s ideal for DIY-ers or folks who don’t need a landscape design but would like one-on-one professional feedback for targeted areas of the landscape.  And while we can also make suggestions for new plants and where they could go, a garden coaching session does not include any design sketches or garden plans. 

Design Consultation

Cost: $125*  ($45 for each additional half hour; a fuel surcharge may be added for locations outside 10 miles from the nursery)

*Please note that the consultation fee does not include design sketches or planting plans.

Mission: We will meet with you in your garden to assess the current conditions, listen to your concerns and needs, discuss what’s working and what isn’t in the existing landscape, and brainstorm ways to address problem spots, add personality, and select the right plants for the right spots.

Some folks treat the consultation as a stand-alone service - an opportunity to bring a garden professional to their yard for real-life advice and recommendations. For others, the consultation serves as the first step in the larger garden design process.

If you are using the consultation as a stand-alone service (without pursuing a garden design), we encourage you to take notes during the meeting so that you may refer back to them for future reference or when coming to the nursery to purchase plants.

Talking points: In order for us to help you optimize your garden space, we need to know how you use it, what your hopes and dreams are for it, what your budget range is, and the time frame for undertaking the work.

Topics to discuss during the consultation:

  • How do you use your yard? Do you have kids? Pets? Do lots of outdoor entertaining?

  • What do you like about your current landscape? What do you dislike?

  • How engaged are you in the landscape? Are you a hands-on garden geek who likes to constantly fiddle, fuss, and putz about in the landscape? Do you like to be out in the yard but not necessarily doing garden chores?

  • Do you gravitate towards a particular style or aesthetic? Are there certain plants or flower colors you love (and alternatively, any that you just can’t stand)?

  • Do you want space for a vegetable or herb garden and/or fruit-bearing trees and shrubs?

Other points to address:

  • light & soil conditions in different areas of the yard

  • drainage issues

  • privacy screening

  • creating pathways, seating areas, and new bed lines

  • stonework and other hardscaping (fencing, raised beds, steps, retaining walls, etc.)

  • irrigation

As stated above, the 60-minute consultation is intended to be the first step in the garden design process. For some people, this step is all that’s needed – a creative brainstorming session with a professional designer to get started in the right direction. If this is you, expect to pay $125 at the time of your appointment and receive lots of verbal suggestions about ways to improve your garden. If you’d like to pursue further services from us – an in-depth list of plant recommendations, planting plans, professional installation, etc. – proceed to the next section.